Pompeii – Echoes from the past

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This is a must… if you are arriving into the area of Naples or amalfi coast then you must place a tick on your agenda to get to see Pompeii it’s so important
Because it covers 2000 years of history and you can actually walk through the ruins and imagine being there 2000 years ago,

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Pompeii itself to enjoy a Pompeii tour a little description on the area
Pompeii was buried in one of the most disastrous volcanic eruptions in history.
The ruins of the dead city are deeply moving, for the Romans seen still to people it in the deep silence.
The centre of the modern town is the shrine of the Madonna del Rosario, an interesting basilica of the 19th century, which has become an important pilgrimage centre. On the left of the sanctuary there is the small Vesuvious Museum, where you can see samples of the volcanic matter ejected from Vesuvious with lithographs and photographs tracing the various eruptions and scenes from the life of ancient Pompeii. From the bell-tower there is a splendid view of the dead city.
The eruption of Vesuvious destroyed also Herculaneum and Stabiae in August 79. The younger Pliny, watched the cataclysm from Cape Miseno and give a description of the scene which has become classic. Pompeii was rediscovered at the end of the 16th century by the architect Fontana; however it was only in 1748 that systematic excavation began. Here the works have been less arduous than in Herculaneum as the volcanic matter was not so deep.

The Pompeian House
There are several types of dwellings in Pompeii. Very particular is the type of house inspired by Greek designs richly decorated with a larger number of rooms. The roman dwellings are instead more limited but they have more refinement in garden lay-out.

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