“Sogno Pompeii” Pompeii visit by night

Posted on 28 Aprile 2009 by admin

The ancient Pompeii is a scenery of
striking and fascinating tale. Sounds, lights,
words and pictures among monumental excavations:
our history is nothing like a day dream.

One night.
Just one night to travel back in time, two millenniums, and
found yourself in Pompeii a few days before
Mount Vesuvius decided to put an end to the city’s history.
The past fades into the present as sounds, visions, magic,
mysteries follow each other: the ancient city comes
back to life, unveiling all of its vitality.
You can walk towards Porta Marina,
glowing in all its splendour.
The Temple of Jupter lights itself in clap of your hands.
A familiar market noise animates the Macellum.
Water reflections give life to the Suburban Baths*.
The mystery is revealed, the Pompeii’s dream has just begun.

June/November 2009
Friday, Saturday, Sunday
From 8th to 17th every night

Visits start
one hour after sunset every 30 minutes

Tour duration
70 minutes
Comfortable shoes recommended

20,00 €

Campania>Artecard and Easy Napoli card holders
14,00 €

Family offer
(2 adults + 2 children under 16 years old)
40,00 €

Group offer
18,00 € (min. 30 persons)
16,00 € (min. 70 persons)

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