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The Villa of Poppea at the Oplontis archaeological site

Posted on 25 Luglio 2009 by admin

The Oplontis excavations

The archaeological site is a vast quadrilateral area on the “Mascatelle” estate. The Villa was explored summarily under the Bourbons. It became property of State thanks to the work of A. Maiuri and systematic excavations were begun in 1964.

The excavations continued almost without interruption until 1984 and revealed an area stretching 110 m in an east/west direction and 75 m in a north/south direction. The suburban complex has only been partly excavated because the presence of the Sarno Canal obstructing the southern area, and the Way of Sepulchres and Fuse factory to the west. The site re-emerged from a 6 metre-deep layer of earth made up of 2 metres of volcanic lapilli and sand from the eruption of Vesuvius in the year 79 AD, and 4 metres of muddy conglomerates and layers of vegetation.. Continue Reading

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Daily Private Drive Tours from Naples to Sorrento, Archaeological sites & Amalfi Coast

Posted on 18 Luglio 2009 by admin

We offer from all the hotels & holiday residence Full day excursion days
With specialized driver/english speaking also (other language on request)

Amalfi Drive & Pompeii

Enjoy an overview of the Amalfi Coast, visit the famous village of Positano, explore with a guided tour Pompeii inside, the most important archaeological site of the world, and lastly see Sorrento, world famous summer resort., ant to stop to do some shopping then Sorrento is the place to get a bargain. Continue Reading

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